Art Workshops


Self Expression

Many people create art as a way to express their emotions, thoughts, and experiences.


Art can also be used as a means of communication, conveying ideas or messages to an audience.

Personal Fulfillment

Creating art can be a form of self-discovery and personal fulfilment, allowing people to explore their creative potential and discover new talents.

Social Change

Art can also be used to raise awareness and promote social change, addressing important issues such as social injustice and inequality.

The reasons for creating art are personal and may differ from person to person. Whatever your reason for wanting to create art, I am here to help you along the way and to provide an enjoyable and engaging environment in which you can express and explore your creativity.

  • Insights – Preset #3

    Watercolour & Embroidery

    This workshop will be tailored to your individual interests and goals,  and I will work with you on a specific project or theme, which involves drawing, painting and embroidery.

    • During the workshop, I demonstrate different techniques and provide guidance as you work on your project.
    • It is an opportunity to ask questions and receive individualised attention and instructions.
    • You will be able to complete a painting or embroidery piece by the end of the workshop.

    Going forward, you may feel confident enough to continue practising and developing your skills on your own.

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  • Intuitive Drawing

    This workshop is focused on using creativity and imagination to create drawings, rather than relying on technical skills. During this session you can expect

    • Guided breathing exercises to help you connect with your intuition.
    • Warm-up drawing exercises to loosen up and get in the flow of creating.
    • Instruction on using different materials and techniques, such as charcoal, colored pencils, or pens.
    • Guidance and encouragement on how trust and follow your instincts.
    • Time for independent drawing, with the option for sharing and feedback.

      The goal of this workshop is to help you tap into your inner creativity, build confidence in your artistic abilities, and have fun.

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      Insights – Preset #3