About me

I’m a South Asian artist and therapist, born and raised in the UK.

The motivation for my art is spiritual healing and development. My creative process is an intuitive and symbolic ritual to explore the internal experience and subconscious mind, so that it can be perceived with clarity outside of myself. The final pieces are a reminder to seek out the self beyond the present experience or frame of mind.

As a facilitator of artistic expression, I believe art-making is a transformative process that can help to develop better self awareness. With regular practice, art making increases our capacity to look more deeply within so that we can eventually begin to discover different aspects of who we are and why. This can be highly beneficial to our wellbeing.

In 2005 I completed my bachelors degree in Fine Art. In the following years I worked as a mental health support worker in various settings. In 2015 I graduated with a MA in Art Psychotherapy and practiced for two years. In recent years I have worked in the charitable sector facilitating art workshops for caregivers and their families, to improve emotional and mental wellbeing.

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    An opportunity for creative exploration and developing self-awareness in a relaxed environment, with one to one support. More information coming soon.

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    If you are interested in  commissioning a unique piece, or would like to purchase an original artwork, please get in touch.

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