I make art to bring awareness to the self.

In order to live authentically, and enjoy a meaningful existence, I believe we must create a space where we can be exactly as we are in our truest emotional, mental and physical form.

By commiting a regular time to focus on how we show up in our daily life and interactions, we begin to unravel ourselves and the stories that we exist in. This kind of willfull creative expression empowers a process of opening up, reflecting, accepting, and letting go.

Learning to care deeply for ourselves will increase our compassion and empathy towards others; That is my motivation as an artist and a therapist.

When creating I choose mixed media and prefer small scale work. I practice intuitive non-dominant left hand drawing to reveal the depths of my subjective experiences. The colours, patterns and textures represent the dynamic nature of mind in it’s transition towards objectivity. The final pieces are a representation of my personal growth and healing journey.


I am a uk born artist of indian heritage, currently residing in Cambridgeshire. In 2005 I completed a Fine Art Bachelors Degree. In the following years I worked in acute and rehabilitation services, OPMHS, and CAMHS, as a mental health support worker. In 2015 I completed an MA in Art Psychotherapy and practiced under hcpc registration for two years in a social care setting. More recently I have worked in the charitable sector facilitating art and wellbeing workshops for unpaid caregivers and their families.

  • Therapeutic Art Sessions

    An opportunity for creative exploration and developing self-awareness in a relaxed environment, with one to one support. More information coming soon.

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