I am a mixed media artist and psychotherapist. I earned a BA in Fine Art from Coventry University before going on to study at Goldsmiths University of London for an MA in Art Psychotherapy.

Over the years, it has always been essential for me to stay grounded in my own creative process to be able to effectively guide others through their own artistic journey. This has proved valuable throughout my career, ranging from mental health support work in hospitals to social care work in the charitable sector.

Everyday I engage in art making for at least one hour, which has become an important self-care ritual for me. I reflect on the process often, which also keeps me connected to my creativity, intuition, and emotional life.

My art is a deeply personal reflection of my inner world, and a highly subjective and individualised portrayal of the female body. My creative technique is guided by intuition and an instantaneous response to materials and subject matter.

I currently reside in Cambridge, United Kingdom. As an artist, I work independently and in collaboration with regional community groups and organisations. I have thirteen years of experience facilitating and promoting art activities for wellbeing in mental health support services, acute rehabilitation services, and residential settings.

I am passionate about helping people to use their creativity, as way to discover more of whom they truly are.

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    An opportunity for creative exploration and developing self-awareness in a relaxed environment, with one to one support. More information coming soon.

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