Bisha Mistry is a British Asian, mixed-media artist who also works as a therapist. She earned a BA in Fine Art from Coventry University before going on to study at Goldsmiths University of London for an MA in Art Psychotherapy.

Bisha has remained dedicated to her personal art practise throughout her career, which has ranged from mental health support work in hospitals to social care work in the charitable sector.

Her art is a deeply personal reflection of her own emotional and psychological state, and it is characterised by the need to convey strong emotions, moods, and experiences through a highly subjective and individualised portrayal of the body. She often creates distorted and exaggerated images of the human body to explore the relationship between the internal and external, as well as how ideas and emotions can affect how we feel physically. Her creative technique is guided by intuition and an instantaneous response to materials and subject matter.

Bisha currently works as an art practitioner in Cambridge, United Kingdom, independently and in collaboration with regional community groups and organisations. She has thirteen years of experience facilitating and promoting art activities for wellbeing in mental health support services, acute rehabilitation services, and residential settings.

Bisha’s future work aims to improve art accessibility for Family Carers, BAME, and Hard-to-Reach members of the local and surrounding communities.

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